The arbitrary over-use of the ellipsis dots [...] in emails.

I’m not a stickler on grammar, or spellign mistakes, nor do I demand the proper usage of the more esoteric literary devices [sic]. You’ll never hear me correct anyone on the proper use of a word or literary device in person, in an email, or even in IM. But god damn, I am shocked and appalled when I face the overwhelming over-use and arbitrary use of the ellipsis dots “…” in emails, IMs, and comments. Let me focus in on the epidemic of the ellipsis in emails.

Have you ever received an email in which all punctuation was replaced by someone taking a shit on the proper use of an ellipsis?


My search and battle with health insurance

Of all the things that college failed to prepare me properly for in life, I think the biggest failing was not briefing me or at least warning me about how to get good health insurance. Unless you majored in health insurance, I think you’ll probably agree with me.

My parents always covered me under their work health insurance plans. It was great, they paid a little bit extra every month, and we all felt safer knowing that we were all covered under some group plan that offered awesome rates and low deductibles and co-pays. I heard of those words at the time, but I had no idea what they really were, and really, they didn’t affect me. My parents put up the money whenever I needed to see a doctor anyway.


Why I’m Disappointed with the Lonely Island Guys

About 3 years ago, one of my friends eagerly showed me a few sketches he found on Channel 101, a large gathering of poor quality webisodes pretending to be “television shows” made by wannabe filmmakers whose dreams consist of having their own show on Adult Swim or being invited to act or write for “Saturday Night Live.” My friend, who probably has the same dreams as the wannabe filmmakers, found the content on this site so hilarious, he was falling out of his seat while he was showing me the sketches. He particularly loved one show, called “The ‘Bu,” made by three guys who refer to themselves as The Lonely Island, and I was forced to watch a handful of this particular “show.”

The Lonely Island, shitty


I Heart Spam

When you got your first piece of spam email, which for me was so far back they hadn’t come up with a name for it yet, you probably got really confused. Maybe it was for porn, maybe it was some mass emailing “advertising” they used to do back in the old days telling you about an awesome new website, back when people gave a shit. The point is, you read it. When the next 1,000 showed up, you probably wondered where the fuck it was coming from, read a few, maybe you even clicked on a link or two in the emails.

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