Tips for understanding health insurance pitfalls and lingo.

Here are some tips for young people and beginners on how to pwn the health insurance industry… or at least come out alive. Please understand I’m not a doctor and am in no way an accredited expert in the medical field. It took me about 7 days of personal research and struggle (which you can read about here) to gather and clarify everything here, most of it sifting online at different company’s sites, but also speaking over the phone with the insurance company reps. I’m providing this information here because I hope I can save you that time and hassle.


My search and battle with health insurance

Of all the things that college failed to prepare me properly for in life, I think the biggest failing was not briefing me or at least warning me about how to get good health insurance. Unless you majored in health insurance, I think you’ll probably agree with me.

My parents always covered me under their work health insurance plans. It was great, they paid a little bit extra every month, and we all felt safer knowing that we were all covered under some group plan that offered awesome rates and low deductibles and co-pays. I heard of those words at the time, but I had no idea what they really were, and really, they didn’t affect me. My parents put up the money whenever I needed to see a doctor anyway.