What is Efficient Awesomeness? It’s all about how to be superbly awesome and extremely efficient at the same time. If you don’t want these aspects in your life, then this isn’t the blog for you. You probably belong somewhere else.

About your authors

Spending most days contemplating the infinite, and designing operative physics routines to create efficiency in the awesomeness, Overlook is no stranger to the issue of concepts that split open the mind like a new bag of potato chips. But who is the man behind the enormous pulsating brain that screams silently into the night, its wrath deafening the weak? One can only find out by seeking out the five furies of the deep, forging them together in pale moonlight and providing a young fit but supple 18+ sacrifice.

Overlook also enjoys anonymous emails that spout ludicrous ideologies and promise impossible depths of plenty, one at a time, or preferably simultaneously in Russian.

On weekends, you can find him towering over a thousand meter high pile of defeated warriors, waving the blood-drenched crimson flag of victory, or watching web videos.

Excelling in academia, extra-curricular activities, and majoring in Efficient Awesomeness with emphasis in Nutcracking, Prawdijee is also a lethal marksman and formidable military tactician, and was previously known as the Butcher of Shanghai.

But that’s not her only perk, Prawdijee is also a conjurer of worlds filled with visions of a power that is both great and maddening, tempting the fates with its horrors. Her first published work will be a children’s book version of the cacophany of endless screaming voices she hears in her dreams.

But what makes Prawdijee tick? Is it a bottle of mid-priced champagne? Years later, Prawdijee reveals she’s a sucker for web author biographies.

M. Bison Street Fighter Awesome Prawdijee Ninja Babe