Russian President Vladimir Putin will rule us all. 11 reasons we’re all pawns in his game of pure badassness.

Yesterday, President Putin announced that instead of disappearing into the night after his two terms as President are up, he will instead be running for the office of Prime Minister, the head of the legislative branch in Russia, arguably the second most powerful position in Russia (soon to become the most powerful?) (source). What does this mean? It means Putin has made Russia his bitch, soon to follow: the entire world.

Putin will rule us all
(Photo NOT altered). Here, Putin enjoys in quiet contemplation how his tremendous power will allow him new and unexplored methods of obtaining more power. Showers will become power-showers, salads will become power-salads with power-dressing and power-croutons, and unrelenting blizzards of silenced popular discontent will become Tuesdays.

Ever since I cared enough to pay attention, Russian president Vladimir Putin has been a figure of cool cunning. His rise to power is amazing, from the KGB through the KSB (the KGB’s “replacement” organization after the fall of the Soviet Union), and ultimately to ruling positions as Prime Minister, then Acting President (when Boris Yeltsin steps down), then Head of the Commonwealth of Independent States (a loose organization that oversees the other former Soviet nations), all the way up to 2000 when he finally wins a Presidential election and rules up to today.

Here’s some other lesser known facts and rumors about Putin:

-Rumor: Putin is a hard line believer in Russian Nationalism, and still believes in the reality of a bilateral world power structure (ie. the Cold War scenario of Russia vs. USA). Arguably, because this would mean a stronger Russia. Putin’s major opponents in his rise to power were mainstays of the Communist regime. Like Hitler in the 1930s, Putin in the 1990s and up to today has had to thwart the efforts of the Communist Party by reestablishing a strong nationalist party.

-Fact: Putin has stated numerous times that the fall of the Soviet Union was a historic tragedy.

-Fact: As President, Putin has progressed the Russian nuclear program in three major steps. The first is passing security doctrines that changed Russia’s nuclear strike policies from “reactionary” to “preemptive,” meaning that Russia can now, and not since the Cold War, launch a nuclear attack at its enemies without being attacked first. The second step is developing and emplacing new Topol-M strategic nuclear missiles. The third is launching a new nuclear-armed Borei-class submarine that carries new ballistic missiles.

- Fact: In 2004, Putin radically changes the Russian political system which essentially removes all provincial/state rights. Instead of governors of Russia’s 89 regions being elected by popular vote, they are now appointed by the Russian President.

Go ahead, read that last one again.

-Fact: In 2005, Putin organizes a meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a loose association of ex-Communist nations in Asia that includes Russia, China, 4 central Asian nations, as well as observation privileges for Indian, Pakistan, and Iran. For the first time, the SCO discusses intertwining military concerns for its members in a hope to actively counter US and western involvement in Asia. (Note that the members of the Warsaw Pact during the Cold War did NOT include China, Iran, India, or Pakistan).

-Fact: In 2005, Putin’s economic adviser resigns from his post, citing Putin’s continued progress in nationalizing important industrial sectors. After his rise to office, Putin notably nationalized and strengthened control of all of Russia’s major media outlets, including radio and television.

-Rumor: Putin has key political opponents killed or “disappeared.” The most bizarre of all these allegations was when a presidential candidate, opponent, and extremely vocal critic of Putin disappeared, then reemerged stating he had traveled to gain political support in Ukraine, been drugged and kidnapped and forced to appear in an embarrassing reputation-killing video. While his chances of winning the election were considered “slim” at the fore, it must be stressed that all media outlets in Russia are controlled by Putin, and it is they who control whose chances are considered slim or otherwise. In reality, as substantive polls were never conducted before the scandal, it cannot be stated how likely the candidates chances were in winning. The man, Ivan Rybkin was an experienced statesman, orator, and investigator into government affairs.

-Fact: Putin has formed a co-op society named Ozero (wikipedia link) near St. Petersburg that is controlled by, and includes land and property owned by some of Russia’s most powerful figures.

-Rumor: Putin, through his co-op society Ozero that can function outside of Russian law, brokers nearly all financial and political power in Russia. If the controlling interests of all the members of Ozero were pooled together, it would mean Ozero has overwhelming control of the Russian federal government in Moscow, overwhelming control of key security organizations in Russia including the KSB, sole control of the top oil/gas/power firms in Russia and other countries, and sole control of Russia Bank. Combined with Russia Bank in turn, it has overwhelming control over all major newspapers, television stations, securities and investment firms, chemical companies, and even a leading civil development and real estate firm. If the members of Ozero decided to move Russia in a specific direction, there is very little to nothing that anybody in Russia could do about it. Between 1993 and 1998, members of the Organizatsiya (the Russian mafia) killed 93 bankers, and innumerable other industry leaders. Whether the leaders of the mob are working against or in concert with Ozero remains uncertain.

-Rumor: Vladimir Putin strongly resembles the man in the Jan Van Eyck painting “The Arnolfini Marriage” painted in 1434.

The Arnolfini Marriage
(click to enlarge)

Much speculation has gone into the importance of the resemblance between Putin and this man, the most banal of which is that Putin carries very interesting ethnic features, and the most extravagant conclusion being…

-Rumor(?): Vladimir Putin is the Anti-Christ. Yes, you read that right. Now on top of being a proven badass, it comes out that Putin may in fact be the Anti-Christ who will call upon the Beast and the Serpent to bring about the end of days. Christian or not, you have to join me in saying: “Son of a fucking bitch, fuck.” I’m not going to state whether I believe this is true or not, either Armageddon is in 2010 or it isn’t. But you have to admit, that if Putin showed up to the Anti-Christ auditions, Satan would probably at least ask him in for a callback.

Read a detailed, if not completely insane, analysis of how and why Vladimir Putin is the anti-christ here. Some interesting points are brought up, notably that whether he’s the anti-christ or not, Putin is one of the most cunning, brutal, and god damn amazingly formidable political figures in history. However, read the article, and somewhere before the end you’ll find you’re suddenly panicking at just how futile any sort of opposition to this guy is in Russia. Plus, he is a superman in public polls.

And on the US side, we’ve got these people:

Bush and Mrs. Clinton
Not exactly a fair fight.


Putin is badass
Please, my dear, call me Vlad.

Anti-christ allegations aside, Putin is easily the most formidable figure in the world today. In democratic nations, power belongs to those who can move in, out, and across the system. Starting in the secret innards of Soviet KGB where he creates a core of trusted executors to secretly do his will for the next fifty years, moving up to legislature and security councils, propelling allied but weak people up with him so that he can take their place at a key moment, then concreting a power structure from the top-down, brokering massive industrial and political shifts through marginally-legal entities in concert with political avenues, then moving out of the executive branch into the legislative, now with the entire power structure under his control, and as prime minister being able to do ANYTHING he wants. His party, United Russia, will have over a two-thirds majority in the next election, allowing it to alter the Russian Constitution UNENCUMBERED. Let me repeat that, Putin and his party will have the power to change the Russian Federation’s constitution without any political, industrial, or media entity powerful enough to even question or report it.

This marks a paradigm shift in the Russian government, as it is essentially the culmination of thirty years of power brokering within Putin’s Ozero/KGB power-core created for one single moment in 2008 when they will rule all of Russia without obstacle, able to radically alter economic, military, civil, and foreign doctrines that inform the governance of the nation. But Russia will just be the beginning. It will allow, for example, the economic reappropriation of all the Soviet bloc (through the aforementioned SCO), as well as severe economic power in key nations in Asia and Europe and the world entire (Russia clearly has the power and will to monopolize portions of the oil industry and bleed the world in the next few centuries). The US will not argue against this because we ourselves use this same method of takeover, we’ll be goaded along with supposed friendly alliance and the idea of “inevitable globalization” but ultimately we’ll be giving up power around the globe in places we are currently unable to encroach effectively (India, China, Central Asia, Iran, etc.).

The US’s own impotence is horribly apparent by our inability to create basic change in Iraq and Afghanistan, areas in which Russia will be better equipped to step in and rule. The US is crippled by private corporate interest, a pathetic military command, and a stagnant democratic process that cannot pass laws to make things better despite having a majority in legislature. As American power in the world slowly slips, there is a point at which the American people will happily dismantle the government and try to give power to one benevolent individual. This is not a guess, this is inevitable, and when it occurs, guess who we will choose:

Putin in black.
The future is inevitable and draped in black.

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282 Responses to “Russian President Vladimir Putin will rule us all. 11 reasons we’re all pawns in his game of pure badassness.”

  1. Overlook Says:

    This article about the anti-christ has 1666 words. This is completely unintentional. :(

  2. Vladimir Putin Says:

    Yes yes yes… well i can even say bla bla bla.. you know who writes such bull***it, just does not a slightest S**t about Russia, and what happens there, yeah analyze the external politics and then say something, well that person believe me or not does pretty much for russia, in long term, not only short as other people think is better. His politics for the nuclear power is understandable and right, what do you think yankeeys now trying to get to Turkey? does anybody talk about that kind of action? or everybody is trying to make Putin as a bad guy?

  3. rokin08 Says:

    Wheather putin is antichrist or not is irrelevant.he has set up road to an inevitable collision between east and west……a catastrophic WW3 is predicted by every major prophecies and religions including bible.instead of antichrist putin could be gog ruler of rosh (RUSSIA) prophesied in book of ezekiel to unfold in the end of times before coming of great revival, antichrist and christ!

  4. rokin08 Says:

    visit my site its cool and its the truth!

  5. Glexn Says:

    Chill out, “Vladimir Putin”, it’s a joke.

  6. Vlad Says:

    rockin08 is a moron !!!!

  7. Creedance Says:

    Putin Is The Beast From The East, Look At The Way His Governtment Is Set Up, It Is Set Up In The Fashion Of The Ten Headed Beast spoken of in Revelations, 1 Central Head Wit 9 Under Heads, I Beg All To See Reason

  8. seina Says:

    Putin is the antichrist? Does this mean George W Bush’s name is cleared? The truth is no one really knows who the antichrist is. Another truth is all political and religious leaders in this world are plain evil. They join hands and promise you a better world.
    There is no such thing as a better world. You need a miracle to change this world. Now there are more natural disasters. diseases and worst of all is the behaviour of the people. Y

  9. Pavlo Says:

    you know what? first of all your article is very one-side-going, you’ve never manshioned any contra-arguments of your critical opinion. yes, putin is a bad guy in some points, considering to media, political, econimical control a.s.o. Putin is a nationalist? what is the bad thing about that?? he is THE patriot who Russia needed since ages, who makes the country strong again. Sometimes you have to break some democratic rules to make the life for demos, the people better. do you know why USA wanted so much that Russia becomes dempcratic, because they knew the country was weak in early 90′s and very corrupted and democrasy just only forced the corruption. But one thing makes me realy mad: the whole f*cking Europe exists only by Swiss Banks which have about 50 t of Russian Gold from WW1, and WW2 what was exported by Nazis. I don’t say about casualties of WW2 for Soviet Union, but I should, this is a fact, and it threw Russian economy to the stone age. The European fat a**es are so fat because the whole European economy depends on Russian gas and only because Russian gas is so cheap. AND NOW if Russia becomes a little bit stronger the whole f*cking world starts to hate it and crying like: Russia will start the WW3, Russia will kill us all, Russia is the f*cking Evil a.s.o. Oh and Putin is right – the bilateral power structure exists and the Cold War is going on, we will knew about that only after 50 years, if we are not dead until those days…

  10. Cristina M. Joan C. Says:

    May all of you ask God for forgiveness and repent for your sins so that you may be forgiven! God loves all! Pray that we will be protected by the blood of Jesus and that He will save us from all evils. In Jesus’ name, I pray that all evils will be gone and that many will be lead here by the Holy Spirit to read all these comments and to make a decision based on what God tells them… Have a wonderful day and I pray for all those who read this, that you may be forgiven and that you believe! Hell is a scary place. Many can assure you of that. If this guy is the Antichrist, then he will lie to many and fool you, this is when you will know. Then, talk with God and have faith in Him and your soul shall be saved!!! God loves you such as I!

  11. Indi Gandi Says:

    The whole world now is running by capitalism satanic evil government. US, EU, Russia, China and etc. Religion and Capitalism is equal to Terrorism and War. Democracy and Socialism are both Capitalism satanic evil government.
    We need now a Good, Great, Honest, Holy, Care, Intelligent and Pure Government for the goodness of all people in the whole wrold and the whole world. Capitalims evil satanic government is government only for evil peoplet. Religion and Satanism are the same both deciever full of promises and hypnothesism to blind your mind not to see the truth. That all human being are angels from the very start and many become demons or evil people because of the government. The evil it self is the goverment the law and the system. The number one creator of beast is the Capitalism satanic evil government hello wake up guys learn how evil the system, the government the law now.

  12. Achilles Says:

    Global Capitalism Satanic Evil Government is the creator of all kinds of evil, all kinds of beast, all kinds of terror and all kinds of war.
    We need Good, Great, Holy, Pure, Honest, Intellegent and Care Government for all mankind in the whole eart. I believe all human being or people in the whole world are angel from the very start or Children of GOD Almighty forever & ever. Global Capitalism Satanic Evil Goverment have two heads Democracy and Freedom. Freedom for all evil people not freedom for good people.

  13. Claudio Kihien Says:

    Mr. Putin is very intelligent and he should obtain US citizenship and run for president here

  14. admin Says:

    I don’t think the word “badass” translates properly to some people. Where in this article do we say that Putin is bad? I think if the Russian people really had a good alternative, they would take it.

  15. BOSTONIAN Says:

    Please explain why Vladimir Putin is the Anti Christ when Vladimir Putin is a Russiam Orthodox Christian

  16. me Says:

    listen….nothing is goin to happen instantly in this world..when it starts to happen those of us in the know will realise the ball has started rolling.. its not as if anyone can stop it!! its goin to happen …simple as that..when?? no-one knows…just look out for the signs …..and remember……as long as your baptised and have verbally accepted jesus christ as your one and only savior.. you’ll be ok. remember christ has’nt contacted anyone on earth in 2000 years…and until i hear from him…i’me just gonna rely on my faith. have a nice day everyone.

  17. Vin Says:

    This site may give you some insight.By the way vlad…Is indeed the greatest dumbass!

  18. anon. Says:

    we really can’t ignore this.

  19. rob Says:

    I f approached from a Biblical perspective, let me offer an observation.

    The Modern Day King of Asyria as depicted in Isaiah & Refered to by other names in various other Books of the Bible are All Metaphores depicting the same Power & the Man Representing that Power.. Here is my take on it….

    I’ll use The King of Asyria as my example: The King of Asyria in Isaiah is dipicting a Modern day counterpart World Power to Mirror the “Characteristics” of the Ancient Asyrian World Power in it’s Character & Method of Domination & Cruelty.

    In todays World that WOULD BE Russia…No Question… if you study the Characteristics of the Ancient World Power.

    So Russia would also be depicted by the Metaphores used in Ezekiel & other Books describing the same Bad Guys & their Leader. Afterall, this IS a HUGE EVENT that warrants Press given to it in more than ONE Book of the Bible.

    Chaldeans being used as a Methaphore like unto the Asyrian Metaphore.

    These are Composite descriptions of the same entity.

    As far as Putin being the Right Man for the Job at the Right time regarding the timing & observation of End Time Signs given in the Scriptures are concerned….I would say Vlad certainly fits the Bill.

    He’s Nero, Nepolian, & Hitler rolled into ONE neat “Little” package as in the “Little Horn” of Daniel.

    If pictures are an indicator of anything worth considering, there are some of Him that make Him the Poster Child for this Evil Cause.

  20. rob Says:

    Just one more observation concerning a picture being worth a thousand words…

    LOOK at that picture of Him sitting at his desk in the “DARK” with only His Hands & Face being Highlighted.

    Hands & Arms are symbols of POWER while the Face shows INTENT in which that Power would be Apllied.

    As much as Bush recieved Top Honors for being this potential Candidate….Could you have imagined how ESCALATED that accusation would have been if George had posed in a picture looking like this?

  21. rob Says:

    Just ONE last comment regarding another Metaphore used to describe this Modern Asyrian World Dominating Power & the people they attack.

    The “King of the North” is another of these Metaphores in Isaiah used to describe the “King of Asyria”.

    In Ancient times, the Conquering Enimies to God’s people were always depicted as coming form the “NORTH”, as Asyria was located to the North of Israel.

    In Modern Day Reference to Russia being our Modern Day Asyria & Egypt as depicted in Isaiah as it’s modern Day Target…..Egypt would serve as a Metaphore to IT’S Modern Day Counter Part as an OPPOSING World Power Also depicted as Babylon in Metaphore.

    Egypt & Babylon as a Comosite TYPE for a Modern Day Superpower to oppose the Modern Day Asyria
    ( Russia ), would be the United States.

    The National Might & World influence Egypt had on the Ancient World of IT’S HEY DAY, mirrors that of our own Nation Today in terms of Political Power.

    Babylon’s FINANCIAL Structure & Influence mirrors that of the United States that has SPRED this CAPITOLISTIC influence around the Entire World….Thus the Babylonian World “FINACIAL RELIGION” describe of Ancient Baylon, now applies to the USA. Money & Things it buys has become OUR RELIGION that Ancient Babylon PERSONIFIED.

    Now, as a Reference to Russia being our Enemy from the “NORTH” as depicted in Prophecy….From WHAT dirrection do you think the Bulk of ACBMS would arrive from Russia?

    From over the “NORTH” Polar Cap ?……

  22. rob Says:


    What makes a CHRISTAIN a CHRISTAIN?

    Is it a Claim to membership in the Lord’s Covenant alone? Or rather the Character to back it up? And WHICH would be More Important if you could only chose ONE ?

    I would say a Nice Trustworthy Alien from another Planet who had never HEARD of Christ, makes himself a more Valid Christain than a man mearly stating an Affiliation with God.

    How do you think GOD FEELS about the PROFESSED friendships that some CLAIM they have with God & yet live their lives as something Totally Foriegn to the things He Taught?

    MOST Christains do JUST THAT! It’s called HYPOCRACY…..

    It doesn’t Invalidate CHRIST, but rather those who PROFESS Him in NAME ONLY & ignore adopting the Character of Christ.

    Afterall….He was sent as our EXEMPLAR to IMMULATE , & NOT something that needs to be REDEFINED according to our own WHIMSICAL NOTIONS of who WE make Him out to be, in order to FORCE HIS IMAGE to become OUR OWN.

  23. rob Says:

    I noticed some comments refering to the “Evil” Capitalistic System as being something that needs to be changed.

    It’s NOT the System that is Flawed…It’s our WORSHIP of it being the Primary Goal of our existence that makes it the Modern Babylonian Religion of Power & Greed.

    It’s our ABUSE of a Decent System that is to Blaim….Not the system itself.

    Greed & Corruption have HI-JACKED it and will be the Reason the Whole World will eventually fall under a REALLY BAD SYSTEM that IMPOSES itself on us.

    As UNBALLANCED as Greed & Corruption has Poluted our Capitalistic System…..The answer is NOT to exchage it for something else that has been Patiently waiting in the Wings to Replace it…..Communism.

    Unfortunately….Things are COMPLETELY out of the Hands of the People whom our Government REPRESENTS because the People ARE it’s Government. And judged as a Whole, are just as Corrupt & Evil.

    So we still DO have a True Representitive Form Government based on THOSE conditions.

  24. Me2 Says:

    U forgot to mention some minor thing , look , the antichrist is a son of satan who rules the world , not poin this -Vladimir Vladimirovich

    Vladimir mean own the world and his fathers hame is the same Vladimir , so they both apper to be the rulers or owner of this world

    and he was borth in russian capital and that was a prophecy in the early years of this city , about 1703 year , that here will born the antichrist

    lately appered another prophecy from a father of the church sayin that the satans son will sit in moscow kremlin

  25. Apple iPad Says:

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  27. rob Says:

    Let me make a prediction concerning WHEN Putin will attack….The early morning hours of Christmas Day 2012 between midnight and 3am.

    This event will be preceeded by a candidate from the American Independant Party being elected as President of the USA but not yet confirmed in office.

    Prior to this, the entire American economy will have collapsed and caused the wrath of the American people to come down on the heads of both political parties.

    The chaos that will ensue will cause us to be RIPE for the pickens when it comes time for Putin to do his thing.

    The reason for selecting early Christmas morning as the time for this attack is that it becomes the perfect moment for him to rub Christianity’s nose litterally in the dirt.

    It is also the most Strategically Advantaguos time to catch us with our gaurd down on our most sacred Holiday.

    This is also the time when our Military is at it’s weakest, as MOST of them are home on leave for Christmas.

    An additional point of instability is the fact that we will be in a time of Presidential transition and not just any transition but one that will be occuring during a time of great distress.

    The Good news is…Something Good will come of all this.

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  30. Fabio Says:


    I try to explain in 2 chapters why Putin fits the position of Antichrst better than anyone else in this planet.

    If you are interested visit my webste – – and download a free 20-page booklet, which is extracted from the real book, which is:

    2012: The Year of Changes. Prophecies about Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Other Leaders, and the United States

    US Today and Times Magazine asked a copy to review. Hope they publish an article about it.


  31. Peter Says:

    These comments suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !!! i hope everyone whos on putin’s side get very sick!!

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  33. the world will not end! Says:

    the world is not going to end! Alot of bad weather will happen and kill lots but you should look on the nasa site and read about the sun storm that is going to hit earth in 2012 and will knock out the whole power gird and send us right back into the 19th century! It happened 150 years ago but we were not dependant on energy like we are now. The world will end “as we know it” doesnt mean we are all going to die!

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