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The Wicked Witch of the West, Gov. Sarah Palin

I’ll get you my pretty, and your little blog too!
Sarah Palin, Wicked Witch of the Northwest

I do believe a flying monkey could be considered an upgrade to a regular monkey.
John McCain, Flying Monkey

Good? Bad? I’m the guy with Photoshop.

Hahaha, ok guys, who’s the one who photoshopped Palin onto this chick’s body? … Who was it? … Anyone? … Wait, What?

Sarah Palin, VPCiLF

If you still need a reason: About Sarah Palin: A Letter From Anne Kilkenny


Don’t Give Up!


Don’t believe the Hollywood hype, there isn’t just one person right for you, there’s many, and regardless of what type you most closely fit in with, you can’t give up that search for your someone special simply because you haven’t found them yet.

Don’t treat your love life like something supremely special and separate from the other experiences in your life. You’ve probably accomplished a lot, even stuff you may not think is really important or big, but to a lesser person than you, it’s big stuff. But don’t sell yourself short, and don’t sell your experiences short.


The Relationship Virgin


Please read Love and Relationships (Part 6): Finding the Right Person to help clarify some of the terms. Remember from Part 6 that the Relationship Virgin is: “a person [who] is so cautious of all the bad relationships they’ve gathered from sources other than themselves, that they have accumulated a list of exactly what they want in a mate and what they don’t want in a mate. They usually create an unobtainable perfect mate in their minds, and are scared away from ever beginning a meaningful relationship with anyone or they think no one is ever good enough to begin a relationship with in the first place…I don’t mean these people are physically virgins, but that they are too cautious with their love lives.”


The Clueless Lover


Please read Love and Relationships (Part 6): Finding the Right Person to help clarify some of the terms. Remember from Part 6 that the Clueless Lover is: “the individual who thinks they are looking for the right person, but truly has no idea who or what they want in a relationship, and simply keep failing at each attempt. We’ll call this individual the Clueless Lover, and I don’t mean these people don’t know what they’re doing in bed, I mean they simply have no clue what it is they want in a relationship.”


Finding the Right Person


This entry, and the ones following, are going to cover what I think many of my single friends misunderstand about romantic relationships. I write this for all the people who say they don’t understand why they can’t find love in their lives. And I write for those who, after having been misled by failed relationships or non-relationships, proclaim they don’t need love or aren’t looking for a relationship in their lives. This isn’t for those who have experienced successful relationships. I believe these individuals should already know what I have to say below (or some version of it), and could probably teach me a thing or two. But if you’re someone about to give up on finding love and developing meaningful relationships, I hope I can persuade you otherwise.


The Couple’s Accountability System


How can relationships help us become more independent? Because our relationships with other people and how we deal with them says a lot more about ourselves than just observing how we deal and live with ourselves. And learning more about ourselves and our relationship with others is a key way in understanding how to be independent and even gaging how independent we are.


Independence vs. Relationships


How can you be independent while being in a relationship? Don’t independent people by definition not need to depend on anyone else? Isn’t being in a relationship having to depend on someone else, therefore completely opposite? There is a lot of confusion among people, especially young people like myself, with how to negotiate our independent lives with our relationship lives. Perhaps you remember the Seinfeld episode outlining the eternal struggle between “Relationship George” and “Independent George” (here’s an excerpt explaining it), where George Costanza struggles to keep the two spheres of his life apart. While the show was abstract in exactly how this struggle might manifest itself, the episode works beautifully to illustrate how important people take their independence, and what efforts they put into maintaining it.


5 ways to end the War on Terror

I’ve had the unfortunate experience, like over 1 billion other people, to live in a nation involved in the War on Terror. I’ve had a lot of time to think, the war started while I was still in high school, and now more than six years later it rages on. More than anything, I’ve had time to think about war, about killing, and about my country. I did this at first simply out of curiosity, but as the very real threat of a draft became plausible, I began to become concerned that nothing was being done to avoid that end.

I’ve often wondered, as with no doubt many have, about what the future may bring, how this period will end, and what the world after might look like. We live in a time where an inevitability stares us in the face, and yet we do not meet its gaze. The inevitability is a question: How will the War on Terror end, and how might we guide its end to peace and relative victory?

It will end, but how? I’ve thought about this for the better part of a decade. When the attacks on 9/11 occurred, I wondered what action the US should take in response to the aggressors. When the enemy had a name, al Qaeada, I wondered what their terms of treaty might be. When we realized the Taliban may have been in bed with our enemies, I wondered how we might force them to control their bedfellows. In other words, whereas many of my compatriots thought only of how to correct the horrors that had been done to us, I thought only of how to end the conflict to come. Even before it had a name, the War on Terror, I began study on how to end it.

It appears, that in great part, I was alone. When we knew who our aggressors were, we didn’t think about how we should react, we simply killed them. When we had a name and face to the enemy, we didn’t attempt to communicate with them as people, we simply killed them. When we knew that the Taliban government was aiding them, we didn’t try to leverage the tremendous international support we had into forcing the Taliban to respect us and control their own borders, we simply killed them.

In those six years I kept quiet because I didn’t yet have the words to express what I believed. But think, enough time has now gone by that there are children attending school who have lived their entire lives under the shadow of the War on Terror. It is for them, who have little to no hope of understanding what life was like before 9/11, that I write these 5 ways to end the War on Terror:


ZOMGZ!!?! I saws Britney! She’s so skinny!!!?!?!!

I’ve been living in Los Angeles for exactly one year this month. And to commemorate my anniversary, I was “blessed” by the Hollywood fairies with a real life sighting of the one and only Britney Spears.

I don’t need to tell you about what Britney Spears is up to, you already know, even if you didn’t want to know in the first place. She’s a common news item nowadays, a topic to bring up at the water cooler, and sadly, it’s not about her career that everyone keeps buzzin’ about, it’s about her lack of control in everything.